Research Groups

A research group (also sometimes called a research centre) is a group of researchers from the same faculty working together on a particular issue or topic. Research groups may be composed of researchers all from the same academic unit/subject or from different subjects within a institute.

Our world-leading research tackles difficult real-world problems that often have high impact on industry, commerce and the public.

At the TTK University of Applied Sciences we also encourage our research groups to collaborate with each other across disciplines to make the most of our incredible knowledge base of expertise. In this way we hope to stretch boundaries, challenge traditional ways of thinking, and innovate towards finding new solutions to problems.

Research Groups

Institute of Construction  

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) – Head of the Research Group – Aivars Alt MSc
  • Assessments and Investigations of Building Structures – Head of the Research Group – Martti Kiisa PhD

 Institute of Technology  

  • Innovative Solutions in Mechanical Engineering – Head of the Research Group – Tavo Kangru MSc
  • Applied Research on Coating Methods and Technology – Head of the Research Group – Toomas Pihl PhD
  • Innovative electrical engineering solutions – Head of the Research Group – Rene Nukki PhD

 Institute of Logistics    

  • Research on logistics – Head of the Research Group – Jelizaveta Janno MSc

Institute of Clothing and Textile   

  • Applied Research in the Field of Textiles – Head of the Research Group – Ada Traumann PhD

Projects and Research Conducted at TTK UAS

  • Jaga: