Research and Development

The research, development and creativity activities at TTK are coordinated by the Research,
Development and Creativity (RDC) Council
. The Council sets the development goals of RDC activities and names the key research areas. The Council also manages the publishing of TTK scientific magazine Proceedings of TTK University of Applied Sciences.

In 2008, the university established Entrepreneurship Centre, the aim of which is to enhance the cooperation of enterprises and TTK UAS. The specific objective of the Technology Transfer Centre is to develop entrepreneurial environment for innovation and offer applied research for companies. Applied research can be carried out in the well-equipped and modern laboratories of TTK.

The students of TTK UAS are encouraged to take part in the activities of students´ scientific union HEUREKA and take part in various competitions, including the TTK Knowledge Competition, Chess Tournament, TTK Smart Ideas Contest, the National Student Research Competition, the Brain Hunt Competition, etc.

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