Key Research Areas

Institute  of Architecture

  • City as a Living Environment

Institute of Construction  

  • Building Information Modelling
  • Road Construction
  • Applied Geodesy
  • Assessments and Investigations of Building Structures

 Institute of Technology  

  • Innovative Solutions in Mechanical Engineering
  • Applied Research on Coating Methods and Technology

 Institute of Logistics    

  • Research of the traffic safety
  • Research in the field of automotive engineering
  • Research on logistics

Institute of Clothing and Textile   

  • Applied Research in the Field of Textiles
  • Applied Research in diagnostic field
  • Applied Research in Logistics operations
  • Compiling and Forming of Technical Documentation for Companies

Institute of Circular Economy and Technology

  • Environmental Engineering and the Sustainable Use and Protection of Natural Resources

Projects and Research Conducted at TTK UAS


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