For Erasmus student

Erasmus exchange students are students who are already enrolled in their home country at a higher education institution that has signed the Erasmus+ programme agreement with the TTK University of Applied Sciences. The students can apply to TTK University of Applied Sciences to study for one or two semesters and afterwards they can transfer the credits obtained to their home institution. The Erasmus+ coordinator of their home institution nominates the students for their studies.

Nomination and application deadlines

Fall semester:                 March 1 to May 1
Spring semester:            September 1 to November 15

Please send the nominations to

For these dates, please submit the following admission documents.

To fill in the learning agreement, see the International Courses offered at TTK University of Applied Sciences.

Special circumstances due to COVID-19

TTK UAS is looking forward to welcoming new Erasmus students in 2020/21, but due to the spreading of COVID-19 we live under special circumstances and need to keep in mind additional requirements in order to maintain the safety of our students, staff and the society. Please read the following points carefully:

  • Please be aware that even though TTK intends to continue with the exchange studies as normal, there might be changes with a very short notice due to current uncertain times.
  • Journey to Estonia and attendance to classes is only allowed if the student is healthy and not showing any symptoms of an infectious disease.
  • Before beginning the journey to Estonia, the student has to check on the Estonian Foreign Ministry’s web page, whether a 10-day self-isolation requirement applies. The student must adhere to any other restrictions and requirements in place in Estonia during the stay.
  • TTK UAS strongly recommends arriving 10 days prior to the start of studies and orientation days, so that possible isolation requirement would not interfere with attending classes.
  • The student is responsible for conforming to the self-isolation requirements. The student is liable for any costs related to COVID-19 tests, accommodation, food, medicine, etc derived from the requirements in place. Students that fail to conform to the self-isolation requirements are not allowed to proceed with their exchange semester at TTK UAS.
  • During the study period, the student should avoid travelling outside of Estonia to countries that are subject to 10-day restriction of movement.
  • If you have any symptoms during your stay in TTK UAS, the student must inform immediately

Official Government information on the COVID-19 situation in Estonia can be found on webpage.

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