Practical information

Here are some useful websites about studying and living in Estonia:
1. Study in Estonia 
2. Work in Estonia
3. Life & culture in Estonia
4. Erasmus Student Network Tallinn

Long-stay (D) visa for study in Estonia is required for Non-EU students if you are going to stay in Estonia for more than three months.

Please see the updated info here:
Estonian embassies:

TTK UAS does not provide accommodation services. To find accommodation, please contact the dormitories in Tallinn, for example:
Academic Hostel
Teko Hostel
G4S Dormitory 
Jakobsoni 14 apartments (
Muusa Majutus

NB! To secure accommodation in a dormitory, please book as early as possible!

You can also find accommodation possibilities here: 
Erasmus in Tallinn/Accommodation group in Facebook
City24 – real estate portal – real estate portal 
Larsen Apartments

Health Insurance
Students from within the EU countries are stronly advised to have an European Health Insurance Card.
Students from outside the EU are not covered by Estonian health insurance. An international student from outside the EU  has to have an insurance contract guaranteeing that any costs related to his or her medical treatment as a result of illness or injury during the period of validity of the residence permit applied for will be met within the extent equal to the persons covered with health insurance. 

Emergencies and Health
In the case of emergency, dial 112 and ask for an ambulance, the police or the fire brigade. Tell the operator your name, address and the telephone number you are calling from, and stay by the telephone until your information has been confirmed. There is no charge when you dial 112.

In case of a medical emergency, there are two 24/7 emergency rooms in Tallinn:
1) the general ER located at Ravi street 18
2) the PERH emergency care at J. Sütiste tee 19 (North Estonia Medical Centre)
If you need an appointment to a doctor, you can turn to Qvalitas Medical Centre, located at Pärnu mnt. 102C.

Living costs
Depending on your lifestyle
ca. 150 – 350 EUR for accommotation (incl. electricity, heating)
ca. 150 – 200 EUR for food
ca. 150 – 250 for other costs

Registering and Transportation 
FOR EU and EEA residents
: Please register as a resident of Tallinn as soon as possible:
The residents of Tallinn can get a SMARTCard  from R-Kiosks (the card costs 2 eur). Then you can validate your card with entering your Estonian identification code and the transport (bus, tram, trolley) is free of charge. 
FOR students from outside the European Union: if you have D-visa for your stay in Estonia, you cannot register as the citizens of Tallinn nor get the Estonian ID-code as you are considered just a visitor not a resident.
For getting around Tallinn and use the public transport, you have to get the SmartCard. You can buy the in R-Kiosks (2 eur). The shop assistant can help you load money on the card to get the 30-day Tallinn ticket (23 eur) or short-time tickets. 

Info about ticket types and prices: 

Food and Markets 
The main food stores and markets are Selver, Rimi, Maxima, Comarket, Central Market (Keskturg), Balti Jaama Turg, Nõmme Turg

Sports Activities
TTK UAS has its own Sports Centre. It is possible for students to take physical education courses, use the gym or play different ball games.
The main sports clubs in Tallinn are MyFitness, Reval SportSparta Spordiklubi

The Student Card and ESN card
It is possible to buy an International Student Identification Card (ISIC) that gives various price discounts and is your international student ID.
It is also possible to buy ESN Card, which gives discounts at Erasmus Student Network events. For more information please visit ESN web page. 

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