Studies at TTK

All international students will have the status of International Visiting Students in the Curriculum of International Studies. International Visiting Students are students who do not have permanent Estonian citizenship or long-term residence permit. International Visiting Students are considered daily learners, meaning they must actively participate in study process according to timetable and study schedule.

All the information regarding the studies at TTK UAS are managed through the study information system TAHVEL ( All students are required to have a TAHVEL account.

International Visiting Students will be registered to TAHVEL and given the TTK username and access information at the beginning of the exchange semester.

All subjects will be declared in TAHVEL according to the Learning Agreement. It is possible to change the Learning Agreement in the first two weeks of semester. It is not possible to change the declared subjects without the confirmed modification to the Learning Agreement.

The student is responsible of updating their contact information and personal data in the TAHVEL account. This can be done under Settings.

All official notifications from TTK UAS will be sent through the TTK UAS e-mail account. It is possible to redirect the notifications to the personal e-mail in TAHVEL.

Moodle ( is an online learning platform used at TTK UAS to give the student access to the study materials of most of the courses.

The access is with TTK UAS username. The first login has to be done with the original TTK username and password, but the password has to be changed during the first login under Settings. Video instructions are available here (in Estonian).

In case of access problems, please contact:
With questions about a specific e-course, please contra the lecturer directly.

TTK UAS Sports Centre is located at the B-wing of the main building. The Sports Centre has got a gym, a yoga studio, a fitness studio and a room for table tennis. All the trainings are FREE of charge for TTK UAS international students.

To get ECTS points for sports classes, please register on spot in person. You have to participate at least 12 times during the semester, to get Passed in a physical education course.

More detailed information is available here.

TTK University of Applied Sciences Library is located in the sub-level of the main building. You can find more detailed information about the library here.

All students can use TTK UAS’ public computers for study purposes that are located in the library, e-Learning Centre and in the classrooms. You can use any TTK desktop computer for printing and the printed materials can be obtained from public copy machines located in diferent spots in TTK UAS main building.

Printing, copying, scanning goes through Print In City ( paid services. More information available here.

Free WiFi is available in all the buildings of TTK UAS.


  • The academic year is divided into two semesters: fall semester and spring semester. Semester dates are available here.
  • 1 ECTS credit point is compatible with 26 hours of work, consisting of various study forms such as participating in lectures, seminars, independent work, group work, practical training, laboratory work etc.
  • The content of the subjects is described in the subject chart available in TAHVEL or is given by lecturer/responsible academic staff.
  • The programme and schedule of subjects will be coordinated by responsible academic staff.
  • After the official end of semester, International Visiting Students will be issued the Transcript of Records. Confirmation of stay will be issued upon request.
  • The requirements concerning the content and results of academic work are equal to all students regardless to their form of study.


  • All Erasmus students have a right to use the study environment and study materials of TTK UAS free of charge, including the gym and sports centre trainings.
  • All students have a right to turn to supportive staff for counselling concerning studies at TTK UAS.
  • All students have a right for consultations, according to consultation schedule determined by academic staff.
  • All students are requested to follow good academic conduct.
  • All students are requested to respect the deadlines and time schedules set by academic and supportive staff.
  • All students are to respect the grading scale of TTK UAS. (Grading system: „5“ – excellent, „4“ – very good, „3“ – good, „2“ – satisfactory, „1“ – sufficient, „0“ – insufficient. The minimum passing grade is 1, in the Passed/Failed assessment it is Passed.)
  • The student has a duty to keep up to his/her studies and in case of missing classes, contact the lecturer/teacher immediately.
  • In case of problems, please contact your coordinator and try to find solutions as soon as possible. It’s easier to solve problems in early stage 🙂!

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