International Courses

TTK University of Applied Sciences offers full study programs in only Estonian for Bachelor level students.

International Courses are only available for Erasmus+ exchange students.

See the offer for 2020/21 here. 

Please note that there are two options of evaluation of the learning outcome: differential (graded) or non-differential (not graded). If the grading method in for the subject in TTK curriculum ‘International Studies’ is marked „PRELIM“ the results will not be graded, but assessed either „Passed“ or „Not Passed“ accordingly. If the grading method is „GRADE PRELIM“, the subject will be graded.

NB! Courses in English can be only found in the curriculum FOR – International Studies

Please select the courses according to your study area, preferably from one institute. Overlaps in the schedule may occur if you select courses from different institutes and from the general modules. In case of overlapping schedule, you may have to change your Learning Agreement. 

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