International Courses

TTK University of Applied Sciences offers full study programmes on Bachelor level with main focus on engineering fields. The official language of intruction is Estonian. International Courses in English are enlisted in the curriculum FOR – International Studies and are only available for Erasmus+ exchange students.

See the offer for academic year 2021/22 here.
*Change language to English on the left-hand side.

Tips for course selection:

  • Please select the courses only from the catalogue for International Studies which gathers all English taught subjects at TTK UAS for each academic year. Other courses are only offered in Estonian.
  • Courses should be selected according to your study area. 
  • Courses offered by the Centre for Humanities and Economics and Centre for Sciences are more of general nature to support the specialized studies and can be chosen by students of any study field.
  • Courses offered by the institutes are specialized and, with some exceptions, usually require previous knowledge of the study field. Please read carefully the information on each subject.
  • Please check carefully the semester of the course. Under the tab “Tüüpõpingukava” the course offer is sorted by semesters.
  • Please note that the Institute of Service Economy is located about 100 kms east of Tallinn, in Mõdriku village. If you choose subjects from their offer, travel is required!
  • Overlaps in the schedule may occur if you select courses from different academic units and from the general modules. In case of overlapping schedule, you may have to change your Learning Agreement.
  • Please note that there are two options of evaluation of the learning outcome: graded/ differential (in Estonian: hindeline arvestus/eksam (eristav hindamine)) or not graded/non-differential (in Estonian: arvestus (mitteeristav hindamine)). In case of non-differential assessment method, the student will not be given a grade, but the subject will be assessed either “Passed” or “Failed” accordingly.

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