2nd Place for TTK UAS Team in BRICO Steel Bridges Competition26.05.2017

TTK UAS students of mechanical engineering were successful in the BRICO 2017 steel bridges competition, getting second place among 14 teams. The team of four – Stewen Naano, Steven Strandberg, Mikk Võhni, and Joosep Jesmin, designed and built most of the bridge model at TTK UAS mechanical engineering laboratories.

The competition is meant for students of civil, mechanical or architectural engineering to test their designing skills in a competitive and fun atmosphere. This time, student teams from Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Hungary and Croatia participated. The goal of the competition is to design and assemble a 5-meter steel bridge that would be able to carry 1000 kg load. Points are given in 4 catregories – display (originality and aesthetics), construction efficiency (time of assembly), structural efficiency (weight and deflection under load), and overall performance.

The competition was organized by a group of engineering students from Tallinn University of Technology.

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