Create and Make an Interesting Board Game and Participate in Competition!15.09.2015

Are you interested in board games? Participate in TTK University of Applied Sciences (TTK UAS) board game competition! Goal of this competition is to find a TTK UAS thematic board game for university’s 100th anniversary. Everyone can participate!

Terms of competition

  • Board game has to be original and related to the mission of TTK UAS.
  • Board game may be entertaining, academic of combination of both.
  • Materials and accessories for the game can be freely chosen.
  • Dimensions of the game are not defined.
  • TTK UAS logo must be used on the game and its case.
  • Board game may be created alone or in group (max. 4 persons).
  • Every author (individual or group) may present limitless amount of games.
  • Self-made board game has to be presented, not a draft!

Bring board games to TTK UAS Library (room 002) at the latest 30.11.2015 17.00. Also add a note with your name and contacts (e-mail, telephone).

Board games will be evaluated by six-member jury. Results will be revealed on TTK UAS web page on 18.12.2015. Prize for best authors is 500 €. Winners will be contacted. If qualifing works are not received, prize will not be given out.

Ask additional information from librarian Janela Tähepõld-Tammert (e-mail

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