Erasmus Students Won 3rd Place at Bowling Tournament26.03.2014

On March 4, TTK Student Council organized a bowling tournament for students at the Z-Bowling Centre. 10 Erasmus students also participated at the tournament. International students from Lithuania and Germany,  Erikas Parfionovas and Marcel Lüdtke from team Jäääär (Ice Edge) won 3rd place at the tournament. The winners were Marten Merila and Simo Venski from team 600, the silver medal went to team Viive40: Rasko Parve and Janek Susi.

Marcel and Erikas: “First of all we came to the bowling tournament to have fun and meet new students, but in the mean time we saw that we are kind of good at the bowling and than we knew that the real competition had begun. The first rounds were good and we made it to the finals. After the qualification round from 30 teams, 10 best teams continued the competition to win the tournament. In the finals we played not really good but somehow we managed to win the 3rd place. Than the organisation started to pronounce the winners and when we heard our team´s name we were astonished. The feeling was amazing. And of course the prizes were great. So when we finish our studies at TTK and we come back to our countries, we can swagger that we won 3rd
place at the bowling tournament and GOT MEDALS and BEER. At the end thank
you for the organizers and the tournament!”


  • Jaga: