TTK UAS Chamber Choir Preformed at an International Festival14.09.2015

This summer, TTK Chamber Choir performed at an international music festival held in Hungary. The 1st Budapest International Music Festival of choirs and orchestras took place on 3 – 6 July 2015. The festival started with a gala concert, where every choir and orchestra had to introduce themselves with a 5-minute performance. TTK Chamber Choir sang the theme song Puudutus (The Touch) of the Song and Dance Celebration held in Estonia last summer.

On the third day of the festival, the choir had a 30-minute performance in the final concert. Despite the +35 C heat outside, almost no air to breathe in the concert hall and the hot and bright stage lights, the singers were able to carry on and perform the last song Tuljak with such an energetic feeling that it even earned some “bravos” from the audience. With this valuable experience from Budapest, the TTK Chamber Choir plans to take part in international music festivals in the future as well.


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