Estonian Expo Pavilion Named One of the Most Impressive by CNN05.05.2015

The 2015 Universal Exposition, better known as Expo 2015, started in Milan, Italy, on May 1st. The theme is Feeding the planet, Energy for life. 145 participating countries take part of the exhibition, each having a chance to showcase its projects and culinary culture in custom-built pavilions.

CNN has listed the Estonian pavilion as one of the best designs of the fair: 

The pavilion, designed by TTK UAS lecturers Ott Kadarik, Mihkel Tüür, and their colleagues from Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid, is called “Gallery of _” and is formed of three floors of “nesting boxes” containing the best of Estonia´s culinary culture, with Nordic food and drinks inspired by its nature. On the ground floor, there are energy swings that can be used by visitors to produce electricity and see how much effort is needed for creating the energy required for everyday tasks like charging a phone.




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