Estonian and Finnish Students Learned to Renovate Old Buildings01.12.2014

On 17 – 19 November, the second and third year students of civil engineering of TTK University of Applied Sciences and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences participated in the international intensive project of renovation in Finland. The purpose of the project was to valorize the traditional construction methods, materials and approaches when renovating old buildings. The second goal of the project is to offer students the possibility to work in an international team – a skill much appreciated after graduation and when entering the world of work.

The object of the project was “Villa Furunäs”, located in Helsinki area – a unique building with many architectural details, built in 1893. The purpose was to make renovation plans to the house without damaging the historic look of the building, which proved to be quite a challenge.

“This kind of practical projects where you have to find solutions together in a team are often the best teachers to students. It is great to witness that during the course of the project, students will become more independent and their motivation to learn will also increase,” say the supervisors of the project, lecturers Anti Hamburg and Pille Hamburg.

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