Logistics Seminar 2015 Takes Place on Tallink Ship Baltic Queen15.01.2015

Logistics Seminar is a major event that has been organized for the past 15 years by third-year logistics students of TTK University of Applied Sciences. The 16th Annual Logistics Seminar will be held on March 25 on Tallink ship Baltic Queen on the Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn route.

The main theme of the seminar is Time For a Change. Participants will get an overview of the groundbreaking changes that are planned or already have taken place in the logistics landscape, what the future prospects look like, how a change in consumer behavior has influenced the logistics sector, and what is happening in maritime transportation.

Logistics Seminar is aimed at different segments, but mostly at students. It is important for students to participate in a seminar where important issues that affect the day to day work in the field of logistics are discussed. Logistics Seminar creates an opportunity for students to interact with companies for internships and exchange knowledge on topical issues.

See you at the Logistics Seminar 2015!

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