New member of the TTK UAS’ Advisory Board16.10.2020

TTK UAS’ management invited Sven Hõbemägi, the Managing Director of Association of Local Governments of Lääne-Viru County (VIROL), to join the TTK UAS’ Advisory Board.

Sven Hõbemägi will form part of the Advisory Board as of the beginning of October. Hõbemägi told to the local newspaper ’Virumaa teataja’ that his role will be informing the management about the local interests, expectations and possible problems that need to be addressed in cooperation.

“The local situation is often somewhat different than seen from Tallinn. As the Advisory Board also includes members representing important organizations of specific fields, it is a chance to bring together the Avisory Board members and local entrepreneurs to discuss ideas and solve problems,” said Hõbemägi.

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