Students from Åland met Estonian students of Environmental Engineering01.12.2014

On November 14, a group of information technology students from Åland, an autonomous region of Finland, visited the students of environmental engineering at TTK University of Applied Sciences. The second year IT-students had a task to present IT and environment-related topics to the third year students of environmental engineering. The project takes part every fall semester and is a good example of CLIL (content and language integrated learning).
The student of TTK UAS, Karena Kiis, also made a presentation to the guests on the topic of the ecological situation of the lake Ülemiste – the source of Tallinn´s drinking water. The presentations were followed by questions and answers, moderated by the English teacher Erik Hemming from Åland University of Applied Sciences.
The day ended with a bowling tournament, after which the Estonian students showed the guests the best party places in the city centre of Tallinn.

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