TTK UAS Students Presented Fantasy Collections at Fashion Show29.11.2016

On November 28, TTK UAS 3rd year students of Technical Design and Technology of Apparel organized a fashion show to present their Fantasy Collections. See the gallery of the event here:


1. F:UN by Silvia-Helena Priilaht, Sylva Reivik, Sabine Sinimägi
2. Waterfall by Birgit Kruuse, Adele Liht, Kaja Malter
3. Hõimu piir by Kersti Tiimann, Mall Silm
4. Birds by Maritta Urva
5. Puitne by Minni Meisterson, Liis Oja
6. Dia’Mo by Laura Mona Velmre, Dianne Karu
7. Intriig by Sibille Maask

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