TTK UAS Strengthened Cooperation with Lithuanian Partner Universities24.04.2014

In 08.04 – 11.04, TTK UAS management and staff visited two partner universities in Lithuania: Šiauliai State College and Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. The visit´s goal was to compare the management processes of academic affairs, quality management, research and development and internationalization. The visit was financed by the programme Primus. Both universities welcomed TTK staff warmly, organized exciting laboratory tours and made thorough overviews of their core processes. Both Šiauliai State College and Vilnius College of Technologies and Design have been professional higher education institutions since 2002. Similarly to TTK UAS, both universities have ca 2500 students.
For several years, Šiauliai State College has been a successful cooperation partner for TTK UAS in the Erasmus programme: every spring semester, 2 – 3 Lithuanian students have chosen TTK UAS Faculty of Transport as their Erasmus destination. At Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, the main cooperation partner has been the Department of Geodesy, with whom TTK started a joint project in NordPlus programme. Vilnius College is also an attractive destination for Estonian students of railway engineering because of its excellent laboratory opportunities.


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