Vice President of EURASHE visited TTK University of Applied Sciences16.04.2016

On April 5, the annual information seminar of the Estonian Rectors’ Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences was held at TTK University of Applied Sciences. Among other speakers, Mr. Michal Karpíšek, the Vice President of EURASHE, (European Association of Institutions in Higher Education) also made a presentation.

Karpíšek mentioned that the demand for professional higher education has grown. He also said that over the years, professional higher education has changed, and proposed a question: „Professional Higher Education – what is it nowadays?“, answering that in today´s world, professional higher education should definitely include the personal development of the learner and facilitating participation in applied research.

Karpíšek said it is very important for professional higher education institutions to continue cooperation with enterprises in order to create possibilities of practical training and develop students´ knowledge about the world of work.

He also commented on the challenges and goals in the education landscape in general: social dimension of the students, new media and technologies, increasing student mobility, guaranteeing quality in education and the need for constant improvement of teaching competences.

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