Innovation and Training Centre

Innovation and Training Centre coordinates the research and development activities of TTK University of Applied Sciences, offering applied research, training and consultation services to enterprises and public sector. TTK UAS wishes to be a partner for enterprises in developing the society and economics, and in implementing the results of research and development activities by supporting these processes with necessary activities and services.

Our everyday activities include initiating research, innovation and creative activities in the university, and developing applied technological solutions for enterprises to be implemented in real-life business environments. We also strive to help the students of TTK UAS to create enterprises and spin-off companies.

The training services offered by TTK UAS Institutes and Centres are based on up-to-date scientific knowhow and working practices, taking account the needs of learners and companies. TTK UAS lecturers and top specialists from the industry conduct the trainings. The partners for organizing life-long-learning activities are public state institutions, local governments, educational institutions and vocational and trade institutions. TTK UAS also has a partnership with Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.  

The services of the Innovation and Training Centre include: 

  • applied research contracts
  • consultations
  • expert assessments
  • training services
  • development activities
  • laboratory services
  • organisation of events: Vision Seminar, Students´Science Competition, Applied Research Awards
  • participation in the ADAPTER network
  • Innovation Voucher service for SMEs

To order an applied research/innovation service or training programmes, please contact us by e-mail: or phone: +372 6664526.

The team of the Innovation and Training Centre:

Kaire Eerik

Head of Innovation and Training Centre


+372 507 0852

Room 105

Marit Meri

Enterprise Relations Specialist


+372 666 4526, +372 502 9673

Room 106

Agnes Udumäe

Trainings Specialist


+372 666 4526, +372 5341 1798

Room 106


  • Jaga: