Centre for Humanities and Economics

The main task of the Centre is to teach the following subjects in TTK UAS:

  • English, German, and Russian language for specific purposes
  • Estonian language for non-Estonians
  • Basics of Science Philosophy
  • Communication Psychology
  • Engineer’s Ethics
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Communication, Creativity and Cooperation
  • Business Communication and Negotiations
  • Public Speaking
  • Expression and Debating Skills
  • Written Expression Skill of Estonian

In addition to the main subjects, the Centre offers:

  • Counselling service “Helping Hand” for students (lecturer Anneli Kaldoja)
  • Tutor program training and tutor coordination
  • Estonian language and culture course for ERASMUS exchange students (lecturer Annika Kangur)
  • Creativity and group work course for ERASMUS exchange students (lecturer Anneli Kaldoja)
  • Refreshment courses of English, Russian and German for companies

 Offices and Auditoriums

The centre is located in room 324.


  • Jaga: