TTK UAS Management Board

Chair: Enno Lend, Rector

Anne Kraav, Vice Rector for Development
Lauri Peetrimägi, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
Tarmo Sildeberg, Finance and Managing Director
Tõnis Hintsov, Director of the Institute of Logistics 
Hindrek Kesler, Director of the Institute of Architecture 
Martti Kiisa, Director of the Institute of Civil Engineering
Karli Klaas, Head of the Centre for Sciences
Erki Lember, Director of the Institute of Circular Economy and Technology 
Mare-Ann Perkmann, Director of the Institute of Clothing and Textile
Britt Petjärv, Head of the Centre for Humanities and Economics
Vello Vainola, Director of the Institute of Technology 
Kaire Eerik, Head of the Centre for Life Long Learning 
Anneli Jõgiste, Lawyer
Oliver Kallas, Head of Entrepreneurship Centre
Anne Rooste, Head of the Office of Academic Affairs
Marek Simulman, Head of Department of Communication and Marketing
Merle Varendi, Quality Manager
Elo Viljus, Head of Human Resources
Student Representative

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