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What is E-Learning?

E-learning is learning which depends on electronic media conveyed by computer, mobile phone, or other electronic device, typically via the internet. One of the main advantages of e-learning is that it allows a person more freedom to choose when and where to learn.

At the TTK University of Applied Sciences, we use the internet-based learning environment Moodle, which provides students with round-the-clock access to study materials for most subjects. Depending on the course, Moodle also gives students the opportunity to do online exercises, quizzes and tests, submit assignments, take part in online discussions, and get feedback and an overview of scores and grades.

TTK Moodle, located at, can be entered using the same username and password you use to enter SIS (Studying Information System). If you have forgotten your SIS password, you can change it after logging into SIS using your ID card. If you do not have an ID card, you can click on the link
“Registration/password reset” on the login page. You will then be asked to enter your personal identification code, and a confirmation link will be sent to your email address.

The first time you enter Moodle, you will be prompted to complete your Moodle profile (add your email address, upload a profile picture, etc.). Entering a specific e-learning course the first time usually requires a course key. This will be provided by your instructor. To remove yourself from a course, enter the course and click on the link “Unenroll me from …” (under “Settings”).

If you have any questions or problems connected with Moodle, the administrators can be reached by email (haridustehnoloog[at]

Moodle Technical requirements
A student’s computer or laptop should meet the following technical requirements:

  • an internet connection with a speed of at least 1 MB/s (e.g., to be able to watch lecture recordings);
  • the latest version of any browser (Firefox, Chrome ,Internet Explorer)
  • the browser allows pop-up windows for TTK Moodle (see instructions here)
  • the browser allows JavaScript
  • the browser allows third-party cookies (see instructions);

Additional software:

  • Java (test your version here)
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • VLC media player
  • Adobe Reader

You may also need the following:

  • speakers or headphones (for accessing video or audio material);
  • a microphone (for taking part in online discussions/consultations or making voice recordings).

TTK repository is a separate environment for holding, preserving, and making publicly available digital learning materials produced at the TTK. Materials include textbooks (also available on paper in the TTK library), images, different types of interactive content, and even graduation theses.

Digital textbooks
The TTK repository is public; however, while textbooks are intended for use only by TTK students, access is restricted. Reading and downloading require logging into the repository using your ÕIS username and password. To search for a textbook, use the “Item type search” option (follow the link under the search box) and then choose the faculty and item type (“textbook”).


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