The History of TTK UAS

The history of the specialties taught at TTK University of Applied Sciences dates back to the 1920s. The first predecessor of the university was Tallinn Commercial School for Boys, founded in 1915. TTK UAS celebrates its anniversary on the 9th of November, which is the date when Tallinn City Government agreed upon founding the school.

Through the years, TTK UAS has had many different names, but there have always been two core specialties: construction and mechanical engineering. In 1929 – 1944, the departments of Tallinn Technical School included mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction engineering, geodesy and cultural technologies.

The most well known of TTK UAS´ predecessors is Tallinn Technical School for Building and Mechanics (1961 – 1992, TEMT in Estonian). During 1992 – 1998, the school started transferring its curricula from the level of vocational secondary education to the level of applied higher education. In 1999, the university was recognized by the state as a university of applied sciences and got the name Tallinn College of Engineering. In 2006, Tallinn Light Garment Technology School joined the Tallinn College of Engineering and a a new structural unit, The Faculty of Clothing and Textile, was formed. In 2012, the university was named TTK University of Applied Sciences.

The Development of TTK UAS through history

1915 – Tallinn Commercial School for Boys

1918 – City Science School

1919 – Tallinn II Science School

1923 – Tallinn City Technical Joint Gymnasium

1925 – State Technical Joint Gymnasium

1929 – Tallinn Technical School

1944 – Tallinn I Industrial Technical School

1945 – Tallinn Industrial Technical School

1948 – Tallinn Technical School for Architecture and Construction

1954 – Tallinn Technical School for Construction

1961 – Tallinn Technical School for Building and Mechanics

1992 – Tallinn Higher Technical School – recognized by the state as an institution of professional higher education

1999  – Tallinn College of Engineering

Since 2012 – TTK University of Applied Sciences

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