Robotics Curricula Created in INSMER Project27.03.2019

The lecturer of TTK UAS Institute of Technology Mr. Madis Moor and the Director of the Institute, Mr. Vello Vainola will participate at the multiplier event of the ERASMUS+ project “INSMER” (2016-2019) to present the new robotics curricula for higher education, vocational education and adult training programmes.

The multiplier event of the Integrated Smart Education in Robotics – INSMER project will take place on Monday, 15.04.2019 at Tallinn Industrial Education Centre.

The main objective of the INSMER project was to achieve labour force compatibility to the global labour market needs. By developing a solid platform for educating students in the field of robotics corresponding to the new paradigm of Industry 4.0 all countries (Estonia, Finland, Latvia) are able to better fulfil the expectations of industrial companies and therefore reach higher economic success.

14.00 – 14.15 Registration and coffee
14.15 – 14.30 Opening by Jüri Riives, IMECC OÜ
14.30 – 16.00 Presentation of the results of ERASMUS+ “INSMER” project:
Vello Vainola (TTK University of Applied Sciences) and Eduard Brindfeldt
(Tallinn Industrial Education Centre): New robotics curricula developed by
Jüri Riives: New adult training programmes for robot operators and robot
Madis Moor (TTK University of Applied Sciences) and Margus Müür (IMECC
OÜ): Robotics case-book developed.
Conclusions and company representative’s opinion.
16.00- 17.00 Coffee and discussion

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