Renewed: New measures at TTK UAS regarding the coronavirus pandemic13.03.2020

The Estonian government has declared a state of emergency in connection with the global novel coronavirus pandemic. The state of emergency is in effect through May 1, unless the government should decide otherwise. The necessity of these measures will be assessed on a biweekly basis.

Pursuant to the decision made by the Estonian authorities, the in-presence teaching activities at TTK University of Applied Sciences will be suspended and rearranged in the format of e-learning and distant studies for at least two weeks starting from Monday, March 16. These arrangements will remain in force until further notice. The university will give further information and instructions in case of any changes to the situation.

We are following the instructions of the Estonian authorities to prevent further spreading of the virus in Estonia. The TTK UAS buildings will be closed and the students and staff are asked to avoid the TTK UAS premises in the following weeks until further notice. The library will be closed as of Monday, March 16. The counselling is done by e-mail and phone.

Until the state of emergency in the country remains in force, all inbound and outbound international travel is cancelled and no foreign visitors are accepted.

The Erasmus+ exchange students can continue their studies in the distant studies format under the same conditions as the domestic students.

All TTK UAS staff and students are asked to follow both TTK UAS and national information channels for the updated information. The guidelines given by the Estonian Health Board in relation to the spreading of the COVID-19 virus have to be followed at all times.

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