TTK UAS Team Represented Estonia in BRICO Steel Bridge Competition31.05.2016

On May 16 – 20, 4 third year students of mechanical engineering from TTK UAS competed at the international steel bridge competition BRICO 2016, organized at Tallinn University of Technology. BRICO was held in Estonia for the first time, and the TTK UAS team, supervised by lecturer Janis Piiritalo, was the only team to represent Estonia. The team – Stewen Naano, Steven Strandberg, Mikk Võhni and Joosep Jesmin – achieved 5th place among the 8 competitors. „We lost the most points in the assembly phase, due to the complicated structure of the model. But in general the experience was positive and the students are motivated to participate next year as well,“ said Piiritalo. The BRICO competition is an international competition for construction and mechanical engineering students where the model of 5 metre steel bridge is constructed, built and tested for bearing capacity of 1000 kg.

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