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E-CBA – electronic workbook of cross border assignments (2020-2022)

The E-CBA project aims to build up a didactically enhanced reusable teaching and learning material – joint electronic workbook of cross border assignments (CBA) and real-life case studies from Estonian and Icelandic companies for teaching economics to engineering students on bachelor level.
Reproducible electronic workbook that consists of cross border assignments (CBAs) from Estonian and Icelandic companies as well as different real-life cases (problems to solve) for students from real companies. The electronic workbook is done internationally because the labour market is more international every day and good knowledge as well as experience in an international level is expected from the students.

Main activities:

  • Finding SMEs from both countries by using existing network and preparation of CBAs.
  • Study weeks for piloting the CBAs. During the first study week training for staff and lecturers takes place.
  • Finalising the workbook and making it available for all interested parties. Concluding the longer-term agreements with the companies (for renewing the company-based information, giving up to date information for the CBAs). Continuously updating CBAs once a year.

The project is carried out by TTK UAS (coordinator) and University of Akureyri (Iceland, partner). The project is financed by the EEA/Norway cooperation program in higher education.

The project is coordinated by TTK Centre for Humanities and Economics.

Electronic workbook can be found HERE.


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Leading Lecturer
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