A Present from TTK UAS to Estonia’s Centenary – 100 Steps in Engineering06.03.2018

On February 15, the 100th step of the project “100 Steps in Engineering” was taken, as  the secondary school students from Jüri Gymnasium visited TTK University of Applied Sciences. The essence of the project is to encourage young people, mainly middle schoolers and secondary school students, to study engineering, and while doing practical excercises connected to technology, to make conciuos life choices concerning their future profession. 

During the project, 100 student groups were hosted at TTK UAS. In addition to showing students around the university, they were given exciting and fun tasks at TTK UAS laboratories of electrical engineering, environmental engineering, geology and automation, excercises on teamwork, and lectures on smart textiles and self-driving cars. Thanks to the dedicated project team, 3000 students have had a chance to discover the exciting world of engineering. 

The project leader Anneli Ramjalg, lecturer in the institute of Civil Engineering, said: “With the 100 steps taken we have built a solid foundation, and we will continue with the construction!”

The plans for the upcoming year include: 
12 – 13 April – participating in student science fair “Building the Future” in Tartu
23 – 24 April – “Building the Future” workshop for the children of SOS Children’s Village at Narva-Jõesuu and the students of Sinimäe Middle School 
4 May – winners of Goldberg machine building contest have the award trip to Koenigsegg luxury car factory in Sweden 
2 November – 3rd Engineering Career Day and Goldberg machine building contest 


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