Coronavirus COVID-19 preventive measures at TTK UAS12.03.2020

Due to the current threat of coronavirus COVID-19 and following the recommendations of the Estonian authorities, TTK University of Applied Sciences has decided to cancel all inbound and outbound international travel for the time being until the situation is more clear and the risk for infection calmed.

Furthermore, everyone who has travelled abroad in the last few days before the decision was taken, is strongly required to stay at home quarantined for two weeks for precaution and safety of others.

There have been no cases of infection been reported on TTK UAS campuses at this point. The measures are of preventive nature in order to maintain the health of our staff and students.

At this point, the university remains open and carries on its daily activities. However, we are monitoring the situation closely and should there be any drastic changes, TTK UAS is prepared to change the study format to distance teaching and e-learning methods.

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