Instructions for students on minimizing health risks related to COVID-1925.08.2020

In relation with the ongoing spread of coronavirus all students have to keep up with the information channels of TTK UAS and the state and follow the instruction of the Health Board.

TTK UAS provides hand disinfectants in all public areas of our premises (hallways, cafeteria, library, lobby and rest areas). All the rooms are cleaned daily. Wearing a mask is not mandatory indoors.

In case of any symptoms of illness, students should stay at home and consult with their doctor. If symptoms appear at school, students should leave immediately and inform their institute.

The lecturers have the right to ask students participating in their lectures to wear masks, send students with symptoms of illness to home and allow students to participate in distant studies.

In case of testing positive for COVID-19, the student must inform TTK UAS immediately so that the institution can take all the necessary steps to avoid the risks and the spreading of the virus.

TTK UAS recommends avoiding travel in the fall semester. If travelling is absolutely necessary, the guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be followed.

Please bear in mind that:
• The spreading of the virus depends on all of us.
• Physical contacts favour the spreading of the virus.
• First and foremost, we all must behave responsibly.
• Wearing a mask is a welcome idea.

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