Prof. Arvi Hamburg named Engineer of the Year 202004.02.2021

Estonian Association of Engineers has named Prof. Arvi Hamburg, a long-time chairman of the Advisory Board of TTK UAS, the Engineer of the Year 2020.

“Arvi Hamburg, who holds a Doctor’s Degree in engineering, has contributed greatly to the development of the Estonian engineering and has been leading on voluntary basis the Estonian Association of Engineers for the last 14 years. He has been the Board member of the Governors, professor, and the dean of the Faculty of Energetics at Tallinn University of Technology. In 2020, under his leadership, the project of the Estonian Science and Engineering Centre NOBEL, initiated and thoroughly prepared by the Estonian Association of Engineers, became a candidate in the cultural building of national importance programme. If the project is carried out, it will be a landmark for the Estonian Engineering,” reads the announcement of the Estonian Association of Engineers.

The list of previous winners of the title, announced since 1999, is available on the website.

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