The idea of TTK UAS’ architecture students will be used to build a new bus station at the municipality of Kolga-Jaani19.10.2020

The municipality of Kolga-Jaani will soon have a new bus station with a swing modelled after the idea of the second-year architecture students of TTK UAS. The idea was well received by both, the local people and the evaluation committee.

Alar Karu, the mayor of the municipality, said that after long discussions the model with many different functions was choses. “Part of the building is suitable for youngsters who can hang out with friends on the swing,” he said. “We can even build a bookshelf there.  The current bus station is surrounded by bleak asphalt, but the project solves that problem with a cosy bench for people waiting for a bus.”

Ralf Tamm, who instructed the students, explained that the winning project serves many purposes. „A person can wait a bus or just spend time in a cosy atmosphere.” According to Tamm, the only minus is that the project is too modest. He thinks that the winning project should turn up the heat and show more innovation.

The building should be ready next year.

Source: Sakala newspaper

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