TTK UAS graduate awarded 2nd prize in the contest of applied research22.09.2021

This year, 20 applications were submitted from different UAS to the contest and second prize and a reward sum was awarder to Lauri Labe, a graduate from the Institute of Technology and Civil Engineering of TTK UAS.

The aim of Lauri Labe’s thesis to examine concretes impact on the environment, using life cycle assessment method. “The environmental impact stems form the selection of raw materials and it is possible to reduce the environmental impact of concrete mixtures by optimizing the recipes,” describes the author presenting his work. The use of more environmentally friendly concrete help to reduce the potential of global warming. The strength of the work were the practical tests of the recipes of concrete mixtures created by the author and the conclusions made from these tests.

The winner of the contest was Laura Keidong from Tallinn Health Care College with the thesis “Creating the application COVID-stop manager for infection prevention in the work environment”.

The committee praised all the works presented to the contest and considering the high level of the work, decided to grant two financial awards to the winners of first two prizes.

Full information on the homepage of the Estonian Rector’s Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences.

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