TTK UAS’ Mechanical Engineering student awarded Radius Machining scholarship05.11.2020

On November 5th, Ahti Talts from the company Radius Machining awarded the fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student Tanel Tammeveski with a scholarship of €1500 for his engineering contribution to the development of the elements of the Formula Student project.

The company’s objective is to motivate the students of the Mechanical Engineering curricula. The winner was chosen from six candidates.

According to Tanel Tammeveski, the participation in the Formula Student team has given him lots of new knowledge and experience in the field of engineering. “Already the first year after joining the team, I was able to create and add a detail to the formula car,” he says.

Madir Moor, a lecturer of the Insititute of Technology, characterizes Tammeveski a a student who always strives for a maximum result and  understand that everything he is taught at the university might benefit him in the future, so he dedicates a los of time on self-impovement.”

Radius Machining awarded the scholarship for the third time.

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