TTK UAS teaching staff is handling e-learning with success31.03.2020

According to Lauri Peetrimägi, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, the experiences on the first two weeks of distance studies have been quite satisfactory. The teaching staff have identified many positive aspects on using the e-learning platforms such as recording possibility and agility of the learning processes. Traineeships, practical classes and final thesis that need laboratory testing present more difficulties.

„Organizing practical classes is a challenge and we are still thinking on how to carry them out. The positive side is that the current situation requires us to make quick developments in e-learning. We are pleased to see that the students also have reacted quickly and are solidly participating in virtual learning. There have not been any suspensions in the teaching process and the programs continue with minor changes as planned.”

Teaching staff is actively making use of the different e-learning platforms made available. Besides Moodle, other platforms frequently used are Zoom, Goofledrive, Google Meet, MSTeam and others.

Some lecturers are even jokingly talking about e-work load as field trips are replaced with e-tours and group works with e-team works.

“We have now virtual lecturers and virtual students, but the result is the same as always,” says Eduard Ševtšenko, a lecturer at the Institute of Logistics.

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