TTK UAS Welcomes 26 Erasmus Students this Spring01.03.2017

This spring, 26 Erasmus students study at TTK UAS. The students come from Turkey, Germany, France, Greece, Lithuania, Croatia, Spain and the Netherlands. In the first week of February, the Student Council of TTK UAS and International Office organized a Welcome Weekend for the international students, taking them to see Estonian winter capital Otepää and Kääriku outdoor sports centre. The president of Student Council also organized a special VIP-tour to the Tehvandi ski-jump tower, the highest viewing platform of Otepää. The weekend also included Estonian food, introduction to the sauna culture and a welcome party. The event was very popular among Estonian students as well, which is a good sign of integrating international students to local life.

On March 21st, Erasmus Day will take place at TTK UAS – be there to get more involved with Erasmus!


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