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Business Process Learning Module Presented at TTK UAS

Business Process Learning Module Presented at TTK UAS

On Tuesday, April 23, the final event of the international project PRODIMOD took place at TTK University of Applied Sciences, during which a new innovative learning module “Process-Based Business Module” was presented.

During the project, universities from Estonia, Bulgaria, and Croatia collaborated to develop a learning module focused on the digitalization and automation of business processes. The digital learning module was designed to develop management skills and support international mobility and continuing education.

According to Deniss Klauson, the project leader and professor at TTK’s Institute of Engineering and Circular Economy, the goal of creating the module was to offer students practical experiential learning. “The module integrates theoretical learning materials with practical examples, involving case studies created by companies in the learning process. This versatile approach allows the module to be adapted to various curricula and needs,” Klauson described.

According to the organizers, the event marked the conclusion of several years of work dedicated to the advancement of modern education and entrepreneurship.

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