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TTK UAS Concludes Its First ERASMUS+ BIP with Success

TTK UAS Concludes Its First ERASMUS+ BIP with Success

Last Friday, TTK UAS successfully completed its first ERASMUS+ BIP. The project focused on the fundamentals of modelling and éngineering graphics, and aimed to teach students how to model using various programs and acquire basic knowledge for reading technical documents and presenting the created object. Altogether, 27 students from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Estonia took part in the project.

The virtual part was held from January to April using interactive learning materials created by the participants of project VirSTEM, and online consultations were held for students every month. The physical part took place from April 17 to 21 at TTK UAS. Throughout the event, the participants were divided into groups of 3 people from different countries to complete a practical task related to modelling a modern and comfortable living room for a student to share their experience and knowledge that they received during the lectures.

The project participants, including tutors and lecturers, prepared exciting material on modeling with practical exercises, which ensured the high efficiency of the training. Jaakko Aumala from TAMK Finland demonstrated modelling possibilities with SketchUp and Revit programs. Edgaras Timinskas from Vilnius Tech Lithuania shares knowledge with FormIT and Revit for conceptual model creation and rendering. Sunil Suwal from Metropolia Finland shows using Archicad for modelling. Egert-Ronald Parts (TTK Estonia) demonstrated converted model parts with 3D glasses in a BIM cave. Daiva Makuteniene from Vilnius Tech Lithuania taught students how to render a model with AutoCAD tools, and Olga Ovtšarenko (TTK Estonia) showed animated visualisation creation with AutoCAD. Aivars Alt and Gustav Gerretz (TTK Estonia) presented 3D concrete printing for the construction industry.

The event also included recreational and cultural activities, such as a fun bowling event and a tour of the old city and a visit to the KUMU art museum with an interactive flower exhibition.

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