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TTK UAS obtains new portable 3D scanner

TTK UAS obtains new portable 3D scanner

The new, quick and precise CreaFORM Go!SCAN 3D was added to the lab equipment of TTK UAS enabling quality control, reverse engineering, quick measuring of objects of different shapes, and much more.

The device will be used in studies and for services offered to companies. Henri Vennikas, the curriculum coordinator for automotive engineering, explained that 3D scanner was acquired to employ modern possibilities in study work and projects. “Often, we have to create digital models of three-dimensional objects and in case of intricate details the ordinary measurement methods might take not hours, but even days. The 3D scanner does the same work in seconds or minutes.”

The new device has a measurement rate of up to 1,500,000 measurements/s, an accuracy of up to 0.050 mm, and is able to capture surface texture (colours, patterns, etc.) creating a photorealistic 3D image. “Any product development, control, or improvement can be carried out at a much faster pace,” said Vennikas. The scanner uses special software and any modern CAD software can be used to work on the measured models later on.

„The device enables quality control, in other words, models and products can be compared,“ explained Henri Vennikas.

The technical details of the 3D scanner are available here.

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