TTK UAS opens the first wellbeing laboratory in Estonia - Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool
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TTK UAS opens the first wellbeing laboratory in Estonia

TTK UAS opens the first wellbeing laboratory in Estonia

Last Thursday, TTK UAS opened Estonia’s first laboratory of social work and wellbeing services in its Institute of Service Economy at Mõdriku campus.

According to Helen Kool, the curriculum coordinator of social work, the laboratory has the most modern and innovative technological solutions for the best organization of work in the field.

“Vibroacoustic and light therapy, sleep robot, massage chair, social robot Pepper who is able to talk and move,” says Kool naming the equipment apt to support the physical and mental health of the elderly and prevent disease.

Kool says that in the modern world supporting mental health and preventing mental health issues is getting more and more important for everybody. “The technologies in the lab grant new opportunities for that,” she notes.

The laboratory has an ample selection of sensors in use today to safeguard the elderly. Already the lab is carrying out research, training, and testing in the use of smart devices and virtual reality simulations for welfare. The lab is open for study work to social workers, students, and local businesses who want to support the mental and physical wellbeing of the elderly.

“We live longer and the need for social and welfare solutions is in rise. TTK UAS contributes through learning and research that modern studies in the field of social work keep up with the digitalization and user-driven approach in other sectors,” added Kool.

The lab was funded by TTK UAS and the European Regional Development Fund.

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