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Erasmus BIP for Academic Staff: Interactive Training – Who, What and How

15. - 16. May - BIN@Tallinn 2024 8. - 12. April - BIP for Academic Staff: Engaging 4. - 8. December - Erasmus BIP for Academic Staff: 9. - 15. November - TTK UAS Data and Artificial Intelligence 2. - 5. May - INTERNATIONAL WEEK 2023 24. - 26. April - International Meeting of the STA 14. October - VIRSTEM PROJECT VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE

TTK University of Applied Sciences, Pärnu mnt 62, Tallinn

Join us for an exciting and transformative experience: 

Erasmus BIP for academic staff  – Interactive Training – Who, What and How. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey that will revolutionize the way you teach!

The BIP dates are
Virtual sessions via Zoom: November 1 and 22, 2023
Physical Mobility: December 4-8, 2023

Why should you take part?
Get ready to explore innovative teaching methods that go beyond the usual. Our experience in developing effective teaching materials allows us to provide educators with advanced tools and strategies to create an engaging and interactive learning environment.

The objectives of the project are to demonstrate the use of interactive learning materials to educators from different countries’ educational institutions and to share practical experiences by discussing positive results and potential problems of using interactive learning materials.

During the process, the participants will:

  • Create interactive training materials.
  • Make changes to them.
  • Test and process the received learning statistics.

What awaits you:
Collaboration: Connect with like-minded professionals and build fruitful partnerships for future projects.
Expert opinions: Get invaluable insights from the leaders in interactive education.
Cultural enrichment: immerse yourself in the unique charm of Tallinn while expanding your educational horizons.
Professional Development: Enhance your teaching skills with hands-on workshops and interactive sessions.

Do not doubt! Your path to transformative education begins with a simple step:
📌Register by October 15, 2023, using the link provided.

After the registration deadline, you will receive detailed information and recommendations to help you participate in this exciting project as efficiently as possible.

Let’s shape the future together. Join us at TTK UAS and be part of a community that actively uses interactive learning materials to empower future professionals. Together, we will revolutionize education!

For more information, please visit the BIP’s website.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time for clarification or assistance.

Academic information:  Olga Ovtšarenko
Erasmus staff mobilities: Liisa Konsap,

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