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TTK UAS Data and Artificial Intelligence Conference

15. - 16. May - BIN@Tallinn 2024 8. - 12. April - BIP for Academic Staff: Engaging 4. - 8. December - Erasmus BIP for Academic Staff: 9. - 15. November - TTK UAS Data and Artificial Intelligence 2. - 5. May - INTERNATIONAL WEEK 2023 24. - 26. April - International Meeting of the STA 14. October - VIRSTEM PROJECT VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE

TTK UAS, TTK UAS, Pärnu mnt 62, Tallinn


Kaido Kokk

We are preparing together for the transformative changes brought by data-driven decision-making and the turbulent development of generative artificial intelligence amid climate changes and socio-economic challenges.

We explore the significant forthcoming technological developments at the conference dedicated to data and generative artificial intelligence at TTK University of Applied Sciences. We invite entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, legal experts, and many others who possess crucial knowledge about what awaits us in the coming years.

In our panel discussions and presentations, we tackle the legal framework concerning artificial intelligence and dissect fields from technology, logistics, finance, and strategic management to medicine, fashion, warfare, and climate issues. Of course, we remember the human aspect in all of this.

The conference takes place on November 9th from 10:00 to 15:00.

Presentations and panel discussions will be in both Estonian and English, with simultaneous translation provided.

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