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Active Moms- Social inclusion of women staying at home with their pre-school children through employment, entrepreneurship, networking and volunteering in Latvia and Estonia (2019–2021)

Duration 01.08.2019 – 31.12.2021

Project budget is 239 574.00 EUR; co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is 189 263.46 EUR.
The project aims to create a universal model for the social inclusion of target groups (mothers of pre-school children who belong to ethnic minority groups) through employability, entrepreneurship, volunteering and networking. An interactive ICT platform will be developed to provide guidance and self-study opportunities. The Institute of Service Economy of TTK University of Applied Sciences participates in the project together with partners, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies and the association Līdere.

Project results and outcomes:

The holistic model for social inclusion of target group representatives (TGRs) through employability, entrepreneurship, volunteering and networking was developed as a result of the project and piloted during 15 events, as well as mentoring and volunteering activities. The events held include Round-table discussions on employment , Entrepreneurship Days and Networking events.

As a result, altogether 472 members of the intended audience took part in the project: 342 in activities and 130 users of ITC platform.

40 mothers in Latvia and Estonia were supported by mentors, and 20 took part in volunteering.

More than 100 stakeholders participated in the project’s activities and provided support, including officials from state agencies, local governments, business support and development centers, incubators, educational institutions, NGOs, and entrepreneurs.

Social inclusion of women who stay at home with their pre-school-age children, do not work, and belong to Latvia’s and Estonia’s largest ethnic minorities has improved significantly  as a result of project activities. Communities in the cross-border region grew more resilient, stronger, and cohesive.

Surveys carried out in the framework of “ActiveMoms”:

In English

Survey on experiences of women entrepreneurs

Survey of mothers who stay at home with their pre-school-age children, do not participate in labour market and belong to Latvia’s and Estonia’s largest ethnic minorities

In Estonian

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