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Research Groups

Research Groups

Research, development and creative activities at TTK UAS are organised by research groups. A research group is formed by at least 3 members of TTK UAS lecturers, staff and/or students, and is led by an associate professor, a professor or by a PhD student. 

The research groups have determined their development areas and topics of interest. The input for tackled problems and development needs usually comes from local enerprises. 

Research Groups

  • Applied Research on Coatings and Materials. Head of the Research Group: Toomas Pihl, PhD
  • Assessments and Applied Research on Buildings. Head of the Research Group: Martti Kiisa, PhD
  • Development of BIM-Applications. Head of the Research Group: Aivars Alt, MSc
  • Digital Supply Chain research group. Head of the Research Group: Eduard Shevtshenko, PhD
  • Engineering in Fashion Industry. Head of the Research Group: Ada Traumann, PhD
  • Implementation of Robot Systems Models. Head of the Research Group: Kristo Vaher, MSc
  • Innovative Solutions in Mechanical Engineering. Head of the Research Group: Tavo Kangru, PhD
  • Research on Sustainable Water Treatment. Head of the Research Group: Erki Lember, PhD
  • Research Group of Didactics in Higher Education: Anne Uukkivi, PhD

Projects and Research Conducted at TTK UAS (Estonian Research Information System)

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