BIN@Tallinn 2024 - Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool
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BIN@Tallinn 2024

15. - 16. May - BIN@Tallinn 2024 8. - 12. April - BIP for Academic Staff: Engaging 4. - 8. December - Erasmus BIP for Academic Staff: 9. - 15. November - TTK UAS Data and Artificial Intelligence 2. - 5. May - INTERNATIONAL WEEK 2023 24. - 26. April - International Meeting of the STA 14. October - VIRSTEM PROJECT VIRTUAL ROUNDTABLE

TTK University of Applied Sciences and Business & Innovation Network invite participation in the BIN@TALLINN 2024 event.

BIN@TALLINN 2024 provides a platform for researchers, academics, and entrepreneurs to exchange their knowledge, experiences, and ideas. The event also welcomes anyone interested in topics related to entrepreneurship and technological innovation.

Over two days, participants have the opportunity to attend presentations, panel discussions, and hear success stories from various startup companies. Speakers share valuable insights on considerations for developing innovation ecosystems, the role of universities, accelerating research and development activities towards successful enterprises, challenges in technology transfer, and much more.

Check out the event programme!

Participation is FREE, but prior registration is required. Register HERE.

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